Sensual Touch: Erogenous Zones That You Shouldn’t Neglect

How ready are you to explore all the erogenous zones of your body? How well do you know your body and the signals it sends you? Sensual zones play a big role on the road to great sex, and yet many neglect them.


We all know what we want from sex. We want to burn with pleasure while our body trembles, and we want uncontrollable breathing while orgasm is getting closer. The orgasm is that strong that it overwhelms us whole and embraces us for a while after. That’s what we all want. 


But, who will fulfill our fantasies if we do not know what they are? What if we are shy to talk about them? Then, you all are in the right place. The article in front of you contains the best arousal tips. The moment you feel so excited, trust us, you will not be ashamed of your greatest desires.


So, let’s go through the best foreplay tips to help you reach excitement. Let’s remind ourselves of these important erogenous zones that we often forget but shouldn’t. Below are some of them that you should play with during the next sexual experience.


The neck is the perfect one to touch to make your partner shiver with pleasure. Of course, not only touching but also gasping and licking foster a sense of satisfaction. Cling to your partner and start by kissing it tenderly.


Lick, suck, kiss. The area that connects the neck to the shoulder is the most sensitive part. Play with it and enjoy the exciting breath of your partner.

Some of you also support BDSM, so you will enjoy biting. Whether gentle or rude, love bites will send certain signals to your partner’s body and warm it with desire. Just don’t forget to agree on what you both enjoy sexually to touch the sensual zones of each other.


Rib Area

There are the same parts of the body that are sensitive in most people. For example, few will remain indifferent if someone breathes around their neck and ear. You will excite every woman when you touch her vagina and every man playing with his penis.


As one of our best arousal tips, please don’t forget the rib area of ​​the body. By gently touching the rib area with your nails, you can easily excite or relax your partner. Some couples experience tickles this way, but that’s just more fun.


That’s definitely a region that will awaken tenderness between you and affect the relaxation of both parties as you dive deeper into intimacy. For many, just touching that spot will be the turn-on. Start with a gentle caress, and then be a little rougher if that suits the two of you.

Inner Thighs

Oh no, when we think of the inner thighs, it’s not just women that come to mind. Inner thighs are one of the most sensual zones among men too. Just waiting for your hand to pass over his penis is exciting enough. Excitement will come not only psychologically but also physically.


And then, when you are close to orgasm, touching this part of the body can help delay it. When you see that your loved one is close to finishing, move on to gently tickling the inner thighs again. That will lead to a fatal orgasm!


Now, this is just one of the many erogenous zones that people use during foreplay. Are you up for some more foreplay tips? Ok, here it comes! Do not touch the inner thighs solely before the end of the foreplay, but try to keep your hand there unintentionally. You may try slipping there for an even greater degree of excitement.


Are you ready to find out which of the many erogenous zones to touch and how to send shivers throughout the whole body? Touch the scalp while kissing without much philosophy. In this way, you will warm the body of your beloved man or woman and introduce the foreplay.


You’ll love going through fragrant, seductive hair, too. Whether you want to excite a man or a woman, this is the secret move you are looking for. Tenderness, sensuality, sexuality, then rudeness and submission — these are all things that run through sex.


It is up to you to decide which group you belong to. And to avoid discomfort, you need to know which group your partner belongs to. It is important whether you gently run your fingers through a hair or pull it in ecstasy.


Of course, the penis is one of the most sensual zones on your man’s body. So, let’s focus on it now. Whether you are new to sex or have a lot of experience, here are a few arousal tips that will make you a goddess and take him to a paradise of pleasure.


Start by slowly stroking his thighs with your hand. Do it for a longer period, do not move quickly to the penis. The point is to tickle the imagination and slowly awaken the excitement. You will notice pleasure through his exhalations, and even the penis will not remain indifferent.


When you think enough of teasing, give him a hand job or oral sex. Gently or roughly, slowly or quickly — do it the way it suits him. Don’t forget to follow the other signs of his body and behavior to make sure that what you are doing suits him and that sex is good.


Uh, this is an important area for the strongest “uh”! By no means forget the scrotum. The scrotum is the part that hangs behind the penis. It holds the testicles, and it has a lot of nerves and is therefore sensitive to every touch.


You must not be too rude here. It will only spoil the mood, the atmosphere and possibly delay sex. So, what to do with the scrotum then? Don’t leave it out, but be sure to be gentle. You can also stroke his balls and then gently touch the mentioned region.


During oral sex, gently lower yourself and, assuming that you are already careful not to get your teeth in action, also deal with balls and scrotum area. With your mouth, of course. This most often leads to mutual arousal. Your partner’s because you’re down there, and yours because he certainly doesn’t keep it to himself.