How I became more attracted to dildos than real dicks

I like to think of myself as an attractive woman, and I have had around seven years of sexual experience. Also, I strongly believe that it’s better to have a nightstand packed with sex toys rather than an awkward one-night stand with a man. So is it strange that I prefer dildos to cocks? 

Actually, my dildo collection can please me better than any cock I’ve had so far. Stay with me, and I’ll confess how I exchanged real cocks for sex toys and even became obsessed with huge dildos! 

I love a good orgasm

For starters, I’ve been single for some time now, but I’ve also tamed a lot of dicks when I used to date. And yes, I needed to “tame” a lot of cocks because most guys simply don’t understand some things. 

For me, sex is not about pleasing men, and it’s usually about my orgasms. Like any woman, I love to cum (hard), but over time, I grew tired of dealing with men. First, I don’t want to be a guy’s fuck doll. Second, I hate being a man’s sex tutor. Finally, I’m sick of guys who always think about their own orgasms in bed. 

But wait, that doesn’t mean I’m a dick-hater! It’s just that sex with a real cock is often repetitive. If I could cum like I’m having a seizure every time I jump on a cock, you’d probably find me taking a big dick inside of me instead of writing this confession! But that never happens. That’s why I prefer to experiment on my own with dildos.

The exploration started

A year ago, sex with male partners became boring to me. I even decided to explore new horizons by hooking up with the same sex. That didn’t work out because I still craved to get satisfied through penetration with cocks or cock-shaped objects. 

On the edge of losing all hope, I stumbled upon a sex shop. That’s where I bought my first dildo! I entered the shop and took the time to look at lots of different toys. What’s more, I knew that small vibrators wouldn’t do it for me. I wanted a penis-shaped toy, and I found one very quickly. 

My first dildo 

I decided to start slowly and get a cute and small toy that is good for “first-timers.” But it’s like I instinctively knew that this wasn’t going to be my last dildo. Eventually, I would build up a whole collection of them! 

So how did my first dildo feel? Well, that toy was around 6 inches long, and it came in a cute pink color. It was shaped like a dick, with veins, balls, and a cute-looking head. Moreover, I chose this one because it had a suction cup that would allow me to ride it or fuck myself from behind with it. When I got home, I unpacked and washed it and then decided to get naughty.

Honestly, the dildo instantly made me soaking wet. I knew that it was there only for me. I got so turned on just by thinking that the sole purpose of my cute yet hard dildo was to make me cum. After applying some lube on it, I slowly pushed it inside my pussy and started gasping for air. It was like I had a real cock, but I could position it in the best way for me and use it for as long as I wanted to get some mind-blowing multiple orgasms.

I think i’m ready for the big boys

Sadly, my love affair with my small dildo didn’t last long. It managed to satisfy me several times. Yet, after that, I felt like I needed to move to bigger things. That was the exact moment when my obsession with monster dildos started. I found an online sex shop and ended up making several orders over a few weeks. Every time, I would move to a bigger and longer toy. I went from 6 to 7 and 8 inches pretty quickly. The 8-inch dildo made me feel full, and I’d completely lose my mind whenever I would push it inside me. 

Still, my pussy was begging for more. I wanted to buy the most brutal and biggest dildo that I’ve had so far and got a 12-inch black dildo. This was the one! It makes me go crazy every time I use it, and it feels unlike anything else I’ve had before. Plus, it fills me up completely and makes me feel slutty yet empowered. It also taught me how to squirt and make my whole body tremble. Over time, I even started reusing my older dildos, and double penetration almost became a requirement for me! Oh! Before I forget, the store where I get my huge dildos from is They are amazing, and you should totally check them out!

I’m not a Man hater — I just love dildos more 

It was easy for me to see why I love dildos more than men. It’s not that I hate men, it’s just that dildos can satisfy me much better. So why are dildos better than dicks? Well, I can ride my monster dildo for hours and make sure that my needs are met. Obviously, it won’t talk back, say that it’s hungry, or cum too quickly. By now, I bought five dildos, and none of them have managed to disappoint me. Sure, they can’t hug or comfort me, but they also can’t get me pregnant by accident. I can try whatever I want with them, from quickie masturbation sessions to elaborate gangbang fantasies and so much more. 

So why did I share all that? Well, my point isn’t to get you to renounce cocks for the rest of your life. 

My story is an example of how women should seek out the things they desire, no matter how strange or bizarre they might seem. I think it’s much safer to get yourself a nice dildo instead of trying to score risky one-night stands with strangers. Plus, I’m not telling you to be like me and become fascinated with monster dildos. If that’s your thing, then go for it. If not, just open your horizons, order a sex toy or two, and it will definitely improve your sex life with or without a man!