Everything that you need to know about butt plugs guide

Butt plugs are an amazing tool to commence your voyage in the anal play world. These are toys that are especially designed to be inserted into your rectum for amazing asshole stimulation. You can use it for solo play or when you are in the mood for stimulation by your partner. Butt plugs can be used by both men and women alike.

Tips to choose a butt plug

Your butt plug journey starts with the selection of right plug. Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing your butt plugs.

Start small

You will find butt plugs in various sizes. But when you are a newbie, it’s advised that you start with a short and small butt plug. Your first butt plug should be within 1.25” diameter. The smarter thing is to get a complete butt plug set where you will have plugs in varying sizes. This way, once you get accustomed to a small plug, you can gradually move to the larger sizes.

Be careful of the material

Butt plugs are available in a broad range of materials including vinyl, PVC, jelly rubber, metal glass, silicone and so on. As per the experts, look for butt plugs made from phthalates as phthalates are dangerous for health. In that light, it’s suggested to stay away from vinyl, jelly rubber and PVC plugs. Butt plugs made of silicone and stainless steel are the safest. Glass butt plugs are also great as these are phthalate-free.

Plug with flared base

Make sure to get a butt plug with flared base as it will enable you keep track of the plug inside the body. A plug without a proper flared base can get deep inside the body to the point of being irretrievable. You certainly don’t want to rush to the emergency room while having anal fun.

Check reviews

You should always check reviews and rating of a butt plug model before buying it. In fact, you can take a comparison study on 4-5 butt plug models prior to the final selection. Check their reputation in the market, their brands and their image, complaints (if any) and what the experts & customers have to say about them. The one you take to should be backed by excellent reviews and high ratings from both experts and users.

Tips to use butt plug

It’s to note here that before you start your journey with butt plug, you have to train the anus with fingering. Proceed to butt plug only if you are comfortable with fingering with 2-3 fingers. There are butt plugs for beginners to that are perfect gifts for any horny friend. We say it’s a perfect gift because like a kegel ball gift set, butt plugs are romantic too.

Now, how to use butt plug?

Sanitize the toy

Before you insert the toy inside, you must sanitize it properly. If it’s made of metal, you can immerse it in boiling water and rest it there for 30 minutes. Then you will air-dry the toy before using it. If it’s not made of metal, then you will have to wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water. Make sure to use a chemical-free anti-bacterial soap.

Relax and get aroused

Relaxation and arousal are an integral part of any anal play, including butt plug massage. If your mind and body are stressed, your muscles will tighten up and block the entry of the plug inside your body. Thus, it’s extremely important for you to loosen down both physically and mentally. You can take a warm shower to relax your senses. Also make sure to clean up your anal region properly.

For arousal, it’s best if you can have your partner with you. Ass licking is one of most amazing ways to arouse the anal muscles and nerves. The moot point is you have to indulge in extended foreplay to get yourself ready for the insertion.

Lube up

Next, you will have to lube up your plug and anus. Be generous with the application of your best pleasure lubricant. You can use both silicone and water-based lubricants. In fact, if you are into urethral play, you may also use your best lubricant for sounding. But if you are using a silicone butt plug, don’t use a silicone lube. Always be reminded that the type of lube and sex toy you’re using goes hand-in-hand.

Find the right posture

There are three postures you can try out while playing with butt plugs:

  • Lay on one side
  • Doggy-style posture but this would be applicable only when you are with a partner
  • Squatting posture

Insert the butt plug

Once you have found the right posture for you, it’s time to insert the butt plug. Be slow and gentle with the insertion. You may not be able to push in the entire plug inside your body at one go. Don’t worry- have patience. You have to keep on trying gently. After 3-4 turns, you will be able to insert the butt plug into the rectum.

Squeeze your sphincter muscles

After you insert the plug inside your body, try to squeeze your sphincter muscles right around the plug for awesome stimulation. One of the best ways to enjoy here is the in & out movement. As the name says, here you will slide the toy in & out repetitively for a great stimulation.

Clean the toy

After you are done with the butt plug session, take out the toy slowly and clean it. The cleansing part will be the same as sanitization part mentioned above. You can also use cleansing solution you are using for yoni eggs after every exercise.

Mistakes to avoid with butt plug

  • Rushed insertion of the butt plug
  • Selection of hard and excessively long butt plug
  • Sharing of the toy
  • Not being careful about sanitization and proper cleaning of the toy
  • Wearing the plug for prolonged period, say beyond 20 minutes