Beginner’s guide to butt plugs

Even just the words “ass” and “traffic jam” spoken together can bring to life images of medieval instruments of torture or, at least, they are perceived as words from the terrible gangster use of the 1940s, but a nearby butt plug can open new doors for pleasure and excitement, and, like all good sex toys, can be used to get pleasure both individually and with a partner. We hope that a brief overview of this insinuating little devil that lives behind the back door and known as butt plug will help you to become familiar with what it is for, why it has this form and with some tips, techniques and precautions. And in general, we hope that soon these two words, “ass” and “traffic jam”, will also be perfectly combined in your mind, like jelly and peanut butter. But the reception with peanut butter and jelly will be left for advanced users.

Butt plugs: form and materials

Let’s start with the look: most butt plugs have a similar basic shape, but, nevertheless, they are represented by a large variety of shapes, colors and, especially in our day, materials. The most common material is latex, but silicone, especially its medical variety, is an excellent choice because of its more refined flexibility it is easier to harmonize with your body and the ease of disinfection in boiling water. In order not to be limited to the standard look and feel of latex, butt plugs are made of wood, metal, glass and even stone! The metal variety is quite popular, and some corks have diamonds at the end, and if you put them firmly in your anus, then only a round colored diamond will remain outside. Bling for your ass! Returning to the form, it should be noted that the usual anal plug often has a thin rounded tip, which becomes wider towards the middle, and a notch, or soft, but with sharply marked rounded out deeper thin base. This notch, or gradual deepening from the widest point, helps to keep the anal plug in place. The base of the anal plugs is unique, it expands at one end to prevent full entry into the rectum and free your hands for other pleasures. Butt plugs are designed for safe, easy insertion and erotic stimulation, so do not worry, travelling with a butt plug is not too hard! Helps keep butt plug in place.

Use of anal plug

The thin rounded tip and gradually expanding upper cylinder are specifically designed for slow and gradual insertion. When you start any anal game, it is better to do everything slowly and evenly, and never forget about the lubricant! You may also use any baby oil for anal play. The anus does not produce lubrication on its own, and although there are soft tissues inside it that can expand the muscles of the anus or sphincter will relax and respond to stimulation and penetration, but relaxation is an important element. Act slowly and enjoy, pain and haste do not have a place in the anal game, and with time and with experience the discovery of the hidden sensations of your ass becomes easier and can make it easier to achieve an orgasm! The anus is rich in nerve endings. Butt plug is designed not to damage the inner surface of the anus during anal play. The small onion-shaped metal butt plug is great for this and often has anal diamonds, as mentioned above. One of the advantages of this is that these actions prepare the anus for longer anal play or anal sex, and are also a great way to change the sexual foreplay more pleasure.

The final tip is for those who will use or choose the butt plug: always keep the butt plug in readiness for anal use only. Failure to comply with this rule can make you vulnerable to infection, and make good use of the condom to further strengthen the protection. In addition, guys, there are more than ever anal plugs for male anal stimulation, some of them are made according to the characteristics of the internal male anatomy and are designed to stimulate the prostate, so do not let the ladies get all the pleasure.

Summing up on anal plugs

When used with body safe lube, butt plug is one of the most advanced sex toys on the market for adult products. Starting from simple to cool, and having a similar design for men and women, butt plugs can be a great addition and initial tool in the world of anal fantasies. Go and see the assortment in your favorite sex toy store for adults and proceed to the selection of inserts.

How about buying a butt plug?

Butt plug with a ring is easily pulled out and allows you not to get lost in the depths of the sexual ass. In any case, everyone will be able to pick up the plug to your liking, as well as to the wallet, since we have a flexible system of discounts and constant promotions.

Pros and cons of non-standard anal plugs

Before you get an unusual plug for the priests, it is better to weigh everything well. This purchase has a number of advantages, but there are also disadvantages. First of all, the user must understand what he wants from the toy. If you are a beginner and use the plug for the first time, then it is better not to be wise and purchase a classic cone-shaped cork. Already having experience and a solid collection of toys for adults, you can fantasize and try something new like buying dildos for the weekend. Or if you want the extreme plugs, you can start inserting urethral sounds to your wife.

In the wake of hobby spinners released a series of anal plugs with spinners. These are simple plug-in, on the basis of which the toy is fixed. You can wear this all the time, and your partner will play them from time to time.

For those who love hard BDSM games, butt plug with a lock will be a great device. As a result, such a plug becomes mandatory, and the key is always in the hands of the master. The main advantages of such a plague are that it is allowed to be worn constantly under loose clothing, the “lower” one is not able to get rid of it, and the stimulation occurs every second.

Features of the application of drop-down and other anal plugs

In order for the toy to bring pleasure, it is necessary to apply it correctly. In this regard, the expanding plug is best because its size can be adjusted. If you buy a hard cork, then start with the minimum size.

Be sure to get the best lubricant for anal sex. The rectum is not provided by nature for penetration from the outside, and therefore does not have a natural lubricant. In our store, when you purchase the plug, the consultants will advise you immediately on what kind of lubricant to buy. It depends on the material of the toy. Water based lubricants are best suited. Oil gels can damage a toy, and silicone gels are not suitable for awesome sex in water.

The toy should always be kept clean. To this end, it is recommended to wash it with soap and warm water after each use. If you use your cork with someone together, then it is recommended to treat it with an antiseptic.

It is not necessary to use the toy when there are injuries of the rectum or exacerbation of hemorrhoids. On a quality product should not be seams and joints, as well as unnecessary furrows. Therefore, most buyers prefer solid products from gel or silicone also in the course of toys from cyber skin. To the touch, they are closest to human skin and are pleasantly felt in the body.


Sex games are becoming more common in the daily lives of many couples. These games include anal sex. But not always the partner agrees to such penetration immediately. Sometimes you have to persuade and convince that this sex will bring real pleasure. Therefore, a toy in the form of a plague would be appropriate. So a partner can feel the beauty of anal sex, as well as prepare for it and learn how to enjoy the occupied space in the rectum. The main thing is to buy a good quality toy, from trusted manufacturers, so that the sensations do not deteriorate, but only updated. So do not hesitate, come to our Love Plugs store and discover the world of adult toys.