Ball Stretching 101

Even with things like penis pumps or jelqing, it might still surprise some people that ball stretching is a common enough practice among men. Here’s a quick guide on how to get a pair of low-hangers or




Out of all the accounts and online information, there seem to be three major reasons for using stretchers…

1. AESTHETIC PURPOSES – Some men believe “low hangers” will make their penises look bigger. Others simply think it looks better/more manly – either naked or while wearing the rings and having their package look bigger in their undies. The equivalent would be a woman wanting large breasts to make the waist look smaller or be more attractive according to current social standards.

2. STIMULATION – The feeling of large balls slapping against the body during sex is appealing to some people. Also, wearing them (having the skin stretched, nerve endings more exposed, or the feeling of the stretcher itself) can feel nice to others. Some also claim that if the balls are lower, the sperm has farther to travel and the orgasms are longer/better

3. BDSM PLAY – There are plenty of CBT (cock/ball torture) devices out there, and stretchers are among them (for discomfort, humiliation, or control).




There are MANY different stretcher designs…

  • Single rings (solid or halved)
  • Multiples rings stacked on top of each other
  • Parachutes
  • Sleeves or bull bags
  • Adjustable arms (aka crushers)
  • Humblers
  • Leather sheaths


Some are as simple as rings.


SIDE NOTE: There are also plenty of add-ons, like extra weights, decorations, leash loops, spikes, cock rings, bullet vibrators etc.




If you’re determined to stretch your boys, there are MANY things you need to be aware of.

1. THE RIGHT FIT – It’s the same concept as cock rings. They can NOT be too tight or too loose – just snug enough not to fall off. Never go too tight, or you risk serious or permanent damage.

2. WARM UP FIRST – Once you find ones that fit, you have to warm up before wearing (just exercising). It’s recommended you do these in a warm bath or shower too (to help with physical, mental, and testicular relaxation).


EXERCISE A – Pull both sides of your scrotum down and out. Hold for 45 seconds.

EXERCISE B – Make an OK sign and wrap the “O” around the base of the balls. Pull down and hold. Then repeat to one side and other, then finally pulling up to your belly button. Holding each for 45 seconds.


3. WEAR IT RIGHT! – First, these devices should not be worn for long periods of time (and definitely never overnight). 20 minutes is a good amount of time.  Also, avoid chaffing by using a compatible sex lube and get your hands on some shea butter with vitamin E to keep your skin supple.

4. BE CONSISTENT – Imagine you’re building muscles – it doesn’t happen overnight. Right? The same goes for stretching. It’s not something you should do if you expect immediate results. You’ll also have to be regular even AFTER you have the desired length (because they can shrink back over time).




Here’s where some men don’t bother (and I wouldn’t blame you).

There are ZERO guarantees you’re going to get the results you want (despite what the ads tell you). Some bodies are just more prone to stretching and keeping the length. Some might go quickly, some might take forever, and some might see no results at all. That’s just the way it is.




  • Do make a habit of using a sex lube
  • Do be gentle
  • Don’t rush things
  • Don’t go too heavy too fast
  • Don’t expect a world of change
  • Don’t keep going if you feel pain
  • Do pay attention to circulation
  • Do use good quality shea or coco butter
  • Don’t try to ejaculate while wearing it the first few times
  • Do be aware of “testicle torsion” spermatic cord gets twisted and cuts off the blood supply


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


How about you, dear readers, any experiences with ball stretching? Dare to share in the comments?